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 idris Elba star of The Dark Tower  
The star of the upcoming The Dark Tower is a man who commands attention. No wonder he can't shake the shadow of 007
 Idris Elba 'The Dark Tower'
It's a Saturday afternoon in late spring, and the Farmers' Market in London's Notting Hill neighborhood is bustling: People mill about the tents and tables, blissfully shopping for organically grown tomatoes, raw milk, and little gem lettuce. A white Range Rover pulls up and Idris Elba steps onto the sidewalk. He is dressed in black, from his loafers to the oversized beanie cocked atop his head, and from the looks of it—eyes lowered, hands in pockets—he is doing his best to go unnoticed.
Not gonna happen. As he heads for a nearby restaurant called Electric House, the market comes to a halt. All eyes are on him. Okay, so maybe the market doesn't come to a complete standstill and perhaps not everyone turns his way, but close to it. Honey, honey, look . . .  ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! If this were a market in Topeka—or, heaven help him, Baltimore—the forty-four-year-old Elba would most likely be recognized as Stringer Bell, the Machiavellian heroin dealer he played on the HBO series The Wire. In the UK, where he was raised, he's better known as the Golden Globe-winning star of Luther, the BBC series on which he plays a gifted detective with a disastrous personal life. Today, however, he's called out for a role he's never had and may never play: Just as Elba ducks into the restaurant, an enthusiastic fan cups his hands around his mouth and shouts, "Idris, you gonna be 007?"
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 Idris Elba makes his directorial debut in 'The Dark Tower'. Idris dyed his beard specifically for the movie. And he is #political Idris Elba Shows Off His 'Quiet Storm' Radio DJ Voice Idris Elba's Teen Daughter Tells Her Famous Dad What She Really Thinks of His Style
Idris Elba's Directional Debut Idris Elba "Quiet Storm" Radio DJ Voice Idris Elba's Daughter on His Style
Idris Elba Made History at the 2016 SAG Awards
Not only is he the very first male to take home two SAG trophies in one night, but he is also the first black person to do so, too.
Not only is he the very first male to take home two SAG trophies in one night, but he is also the first black person to do so, too. Elba accepted the award for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for Beasts of No Nation as well as the trophy for Best Male Actor in a Television Movie or Mini Series for Luther.
As well as making history, the wins come during a very important time in Hollywood, following the controversy surrounding the all-white Oscars nominations. Many people felt Elba was snubbed for a nominee as Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture at this year's Academy Awards. Thus, his two SAG wins are definitely a huge accomplishment, giving him an appropriate nod of success. In fact, Elba even told E! News earlier in the night that a SAG Award is "better than any other award."
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