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Stop Playing Nice: What Women Can Learn From Victoria Beckham's Success
What Women Can Learn From Victoria Beckham's Success
Victoria Beckham is the top entrepreneur in Britain this year according to Management Today, who applauds the pop star turned football star wife turned major fashion designer’s “acute business sense”.
Love her or loathe her, you cannot ignore the numbers - and Beckham has some impressive ones. With the fall opening of her first shop in London’s Mayfair, Victoria Beckham’s fashion business grew from £1 million pound ($1.6 million) turnover to £30 million ($48 million) since its launch just five years ago.
Beckham’s staff numbers also increased from three to 100 in the same period; her label has had a sales growth of 2,900% and an employment growth of 3,233%, putting her personal wealth at an estimated £210 million.
Victoria Beckham’s success in the fashion world is a big deal for women, mainly because we are told throughout our lives that in order to be successful we must be liked. It feeds into women’s “pleaser complexes,” the general nagging feeling that you need to keep everybody happy, often at the cost of your own peace of mind.
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Stop Playing Nice: What Women Can Learn From Victoria Beckham's Success Stop Playing Nice: What Women Can Learn From Victoria Beckham's Success
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Victoria Beckham Eats Salmon Literally Every Day for Clear Skin
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