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STEM oriented enterprise architecture business and data analysis methodologies to engage industry moguls in Social Media @iConversations STEM oriented enterprise architecture business and data analysis methodologies to engage industry moguls in Social Media @iConversations  iconversations
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Technology Savvy Social Media engaging Industry Moguls in "Real-Time" showcasing all business sectors.
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Natural Hair has many spiraling naturally oriented twists and turns that Braid our lives with creative hair solutions.
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natural hair combing
  • Natural hair should be combed when wet. Detangle your hair with your fingers as you are shampoo-ing
  • When finished and the conditioner is in, you may then take a wide tooth comb and comb through your hair.
  • Wet or dry, your hair is very delicate. Please be careful and do not be alarmed from the amount of hair coming out.
  • Your hair sheds every day and if you havent combed in it in few, it builds up.
  • Moisture is a must for natural hair. Natural hair requires moisture steam treatments that penetrate the hair shaft. Hair steam treatments are excellent for adding moisture to the hair. It quenches your hair's thirst..
  •  You must also use oil and or shea butter on your hair.
  • Before you begin your naptural hair journey, familiarize yourself with naptural syles and with women who have already gone through the process. You are not alone. Your hair has to be trained.
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"A lifestyle everyone should have access to."
  • iconversations parterned with iSalons is savvy interactive online social media consulting on the "cutting edge" of information technology engaging industry moguls around the globe in "Real-Time" showcasing all business industry sectors.
  •  isalons iconversations engages industry moguls online interactively in conversations within the Entertainment Industry, Hair and Beauty business, National News Media, Professional Athletes through sports media, Celebrity Chefs who engage audiences with mouth watering cuisine.
  • @iConversations Clients' business products and services are showcased to a very upscale diverse demographics of quality social media colleagues, thus giving your business high visibility locally, regionally, and around the globe.
  • @iConversations has cultivated quality social media relationships engaging upscale diverse collaborative communities and businesses around the globe in "Real-Time".
  • Conversations values family, relationships, and her social media colleagues. We sincerely value people and our relationships with them first.
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Tim Howard, US Soccer Athlete of Year, 
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Tim Howard, US Soccer Athlete of Year,
FIFA 2014 USA World Cup
  Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith     Gabrielle Union  
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