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 "Versace on the Floor" Video Starring Zendaya
Bruno Mars Releases Sexy 'Versace on the Floor' Video Starring Zendaya
Bruno Mars Releases Sexy "Versace on the Floor" Video Starring Zendaya
Bruno Mars has released a new music video for his sensual ballad "Versace on the Floor," starring none other than Zendaya!
The video features the glittering actress dancing around to the Mars' smooth tune as the singer plays the piano. The scintillating video is directed by Mars himself and Cameron Duddy. It also features ensembles by none other than the song's namesake—Versace.
Zendaya, 20, is a perfect match for Bruno's latest endeavor; In addition to her stunning looks, she is a Bruno fan, as she had paid tribute to him in May, channeling his look with a performance of his song "24K Magic" on Lip Sync Battle. She competed against her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland.
In addition, the Disney Channel, Spider-Man: Homecoming actress and fashionista has showcased many gorgeous looks by the Versace fashion brand over the years.
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Zendaya in Spider-Man
Zendaya on Playing Mysterious Michelle in Spider-Man: Homecoming
Zendaya on Playing Mysterious Michelle in Spider-Man
zendaya sporting a blonde pixie
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Zendaya Talks Spider-Man, Her First Love, and Reinventing Disney Stardom
Zendaya on Spider-Man, First Love, Disney
IT’S A SPRING NIGHT in Hollywood, and I’m driving down Sunset to meet Zendaya when my phone rings. It’s Darnell, her soft-spoken assistant. Though Zendaya is making her movie debut this summer in one of the season’s biggest blockbusters, Spider-Man: Homecoming, she is also still filming the Disney sitcom that planted her in the hearts of little tomboys everywhere—K.C. Undercover, in which she plays a teen spy who is both a math whiz and a black belt in karate. Darnell is calling to say she is running late; a fight scene is taking longer than expected. “She’s swinging from a chain right now,” he explains politely.
When the elevator opens onto Soho House’s lobby, I walk straight into our date for the evening: Zendaya’s father, Kazembe Ajamu, a 64-year-old former P.E. teacher from Oakland. (Her mother, Claire Stoermer, is also a teacher.) Ajamu is tall and sturdy, in jeans and a navy sweatshirt, with thin shoulder-length dreadlocks pulled into a half ponytail.
We’re here because, having by now spent some time with Zendaya (pronounced “Zen-day-a”), I’m trying to wrap my mind around how a 20-year-old Disney star could be so insanely normal. There are clues that her father, who moved with her to Los Angeles when she was thirteen, may be a key piece of the puzzle.
There is, for instance, a certain refrain running through the stories from her childhood. She lowers her voice into a spot-on imitation of Ajamu when she says it: “We’re going home.” It’s what he would say whenever Zendaya misbehaved. The time she carried on at her grandparents’ Thanksgiving table: “We’re going home.” The time she “acted like a diva,” as she puts it, on a Sears job: “We’re going home.” But while in person Ajamu does inspire the instant respect one reserves for, well, a supremely cool P.E. teacher—if he told me to run laps around Soho House right now, I’d abandon my glass of Malbec and strive for record time—he tells these same stories with a different emphasis.
“Man, she was two,” Ajamu says of the Thanksgiving incident, marveling at his daughter's iron will even then. “Got a block away from home before she finally gave up.” Of the Sears episode, he recalls her obstinate pleading: “Dad, I can’t go home a failure! I can’t not do this!” He shakes his head. “She’s a tough one, man. She goin’ all the way.”
All the way indeed. Five months after the July release of Spider-Man—it bears repeating that the juggernaut franchise is her first feature film ever—Zendaya will appear in her second, The Greatest Showman, a musical about P. T. Barnum starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Michelle Williams, scored by the Oscar-winning songwriting duo behind La La Land. Not only has she managed to parlay Disney stardom into a career in the most major of movies, she’s done it before her Disney days are even over.
Are there any grades left to skip? Designers swooped Zendaya up long ago. Michael Kors, who calls her “fashion-fearless,” helped transform her into an intergalactic Cher for last year’s Met gala. “I’ve got my cast of women,” Kors says. “I’m always looking for a new character. Not only does Zendaya love fashion but she understands that you can play a role when you get dressed.” In Dolce & Gabbana’s spring campaign, she was a tambourine-playing, sneaker-wearing Carmen Miranda on the shores of Capri. And jaws dropped at this year’s Met gala when she appeared on the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum as a tropical disco princess, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda ball gown rendered in parrot print, a bold tangerine lip, and an enormous Afro.
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Zendaya and Tom Holland Their First Meeting
New 'Spider-Man' Stars Zendaya and Tom Holland on Their First Meeting and Reboot Secrets
'Spider-Man' Stars Zendaya and Tom Holland on Their First Meeting
zendaya  fashion  diva  lifestyle
Zendaya’s New Chi Ads Prove She Doesn’t Care What You Think Of Her Hair Why Zendaya, American Vogue’s new cover girl, is the rising fashion star you need to know Zendaya and Michael Kors
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